Dear Siren, turn my Soul into a new form of art, 

into a unique concept of existence.

No perfection,

only re-perfection

Fragment and fragment, become creative self-revelation, 

a wild Alchemical combination.

More daring definitions of freedom, 

not-yet-discovered concepts of evolution

Sometimes an artist gets reborn 

as a re-perfected Black Swan.

Merlin Margins, 

different versions of Truth-design

Creation is a door 

to translate your Soul. 

Fallen Angel,

multi-truth redemption

Creation is an Alchemical way of thinking  

in search of the existential Gold.

Enchanting concepts of existence, 

re-emerging wings

Transcendence is deeply hypnotic 

and wildly exotic.

Not-yet-transmuted Truth, 

not-yet-emerged re-perfection

Enchant this moment 

to re-masterpiece Time.

Abysmal wine, 

Chameleon winemaker

Souls move as abysmal conjunctions.

Infinity is a never-to-be-tamed art scene.

Multi-truth evolution, 

existential Haute Couture


unlike anyone else. 

Hardcore creator, 

provoking conjunction

Only great creators walk truth-claiming lands 

and drink re-questioning wine.

Abysmal sunglasses, 

avant-garde eyes

At every moment, at every fragment

the upcoming Truth is under construction.

Existential re-perfection, 

today a completely different version

To be a creator is to be a unique conjunction.

Future innovation is a not-yet-existing combination.

Abysmal eyes, 

re-imagined versions of Infinity

For a great creator, 

life is an ever-expanding masterpiece.

No perfection, 

only re-perfection