Dear Siren, I need some new untamed concept 

to prolong the dialogue with my Chaos.

Abstract art, 

unauthorized conjunction

Fragment after fragment, 

become an artist and a work of art.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard, 

untamable calling of the wild

Only great creators dare to translate their Chaos 

into something wildly exotic and deeply hypnotic.

Chameleon fairytale, 

authentic story 

The purpose of life is to find its purpose. 

The purpose of life is to give it a purpose.

Ancient Godly Truth-design, 

different versions of promised land

Every brave work of art is a daring dive 

into an exotic chaos of an artist.

Undomesticated explanation, 

ideology evacuation

Abstract art always hides existential details. 

Planet Earth is an abstract art from the outer space.

Transmuted symbol

hypnotic address

Re-masterpiece your worldview:

art is a limited-edition horizon.

Silent creator, 

not-yet-transmuted Truth