Dear Siren, I need a new definition of Chaos 

to translate my Soul.

Not-yet-designed concept

not-yet-transmuted inner eclipse

Fragment after fragment, become an Alchemist of meaning 

to turn Hell into an extraordinary Paradise.

Not-yet-exorcised obsession

your most alive direction

Has your wine ever reflected the Moon? 

Inspiration is an existential perfume. 

Provoking genius, 

unlike any other intervention

Sometimes only great questions let you enter the territory 

of new paradigms.

Wild truth-design, 

untamed combination

Art is a door to re-discover reality. 

Art always puts new meanings under construction.

Hypnotic concepts of Time, 

your most alive wine

Re-design your tomorrow. 

Some fragments are spiritual luxury. 

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard

re-enchanted meaning of life