Dear Siren, I keep falling deep down into my abyss.  

Someday somewhere the land will be covered in awakened snow…

Silent artist, 

not-yet-seduced Tomorrow

Fragment after fragment, 

inspiration turns into a waterfall.

Alchemical obsession, 

not-yet-rubedo resurrection

Inspiration is an existential luxury. 

Golden gondolas are bringing gifts to the Turquoise shore.

Ancient Godly territories, 

different versions of Truth-design

Great artists dare to drink deeply 

from Infinity itself.

Abysmal wine, 

multiple layers of your Soul

Sometimes it takes a small inspiring fragment to start re-discovering 

oneself under the symbol of the Eternal Return. 

Unexpected inspiration,

abysmal conjunction

Turn your Soul into a work of art,  

and your time into Alchemy.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard, 

limited-edition fairytale