Dear Siren, is my mirror my predator?

Is my mirror my prey?

More challenging question, 

more daring theory

Fragment and fragment, creation is primordial self-translation.

I is an art.

Chameleon fairytale, 

authentic story 

Our primordial beginning discloses itself only in the process 

of transcendence.

Melting mirror, 

re-emerging mask

Existence is an exotic journey to find your reflection 

in everything you encounter.

Deviant direction, 

not-yet-known address

Infinity loves insatiable re-transformation. 

Infinity loves an unstoppable quest for new combinations.

Ever-insatiable library, 

ever-expanding dictionary

A Soul is valued by uniqueness

yet measured by depth.

Ever-abysmal redemption, 

existential re-perfection

Discover new concepts to re-discover yourself.

I is an art. 

Hypnotic Truths of existence, 

Plutonian poetry

Do you have what it takes to discover your Soul 

as an independent land?

Not-yet-perceived territory, 

not-yet-visible starlight

Do you have what it takes

to understand the symbol of the Eternal Return?

Multi-truth philosophy, 

abysmal questions

All artists create  

but not all transcend.

Truth-claiming lipstick, 

re-questioning lips

There are no great breakthroughs without breaking free 

out of previous limitations.

Not-yet-emerged concepts, 

not-yet-existing universe

You won't see a falling Angel 

unless your mind has a concept of it.

New hypnotic concepts of existence,

abysmal conjunction