Dear Siren, I need to become an exotic exception

in the universal exhibition of redemption.  

Re-questioning eyes

existential re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, re-masterpiece your worldview. 

Independence is only for the brave.

Planet-friendly dogma, 

contraband Truth

Independence is luxury. 

Yet, there is no independence without character.

Fallen Angel, 

outrageous Truth

I is a fragmented art. You are the stories you’ve heard, 

the dogmas you live in, the ideas you consumed…

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

Discover new concepts to re-discover yourself. 

Sometimes self-discovery comes only as self-innovation.

Re-designed existence

new version of continuity

Re-define eternity, 

re-blood your afterlife

Not-yet-understood philosophy, 

not-yet-reached depth   

Sometimes a great Artists gets reborn  

as an unpredictable magnificent Black Swan.

Unexpected work of art

unlike any other territory