Dear Siren, dive deep down into my Chaos

to discover dark avant-garde sunsets of my Soul.

Independent territory of your Soul, 

re-masterpieced painting

Fragment and fragment, 

become hypnotic self-revelation.

Chameleon myth, 

authentic style

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection.

Unexpected work of art, 

more daring conjunction

To have a story of a spiritual trailblazer is to have a story 

of discovering new spiritual concepts.

Soul-transmuting inspiration, 

re-enchanted bloodstream

Sometimes to find who you are  

dare to enter a not-yet-discovered paradigm.

Not-yet-reclaimed individuality, 

not-yet-existing version of redemption

Re-predator your mirror, 

re-prey your reflection.

Melting mask, 

re-emerging new worldview

Save the whales 

and the art of resurrection.

Global dogma, 

barcoded Truth