Dear Siren, create me a symbol

that opens infinite paradigms…

Talismanist spagyria,

new concepts of Time

Fragment and fragment,   

some concepts turn into a waterfall.

Mythical mirror, 

abysmal reflection

Every symbol is a door. 

Some symbols reveal themselves only when you get lost. 

Transmuted symbol,  

new version of Infinity

The Dragon veins keep the essence of Infinity 

where the God of Alchemy is reborn and wine transformed.

Hypnotic fragments of existence, 

re-discovered ancient Labyrinth

In vino veritas: the Truth is in the wine; 

the Truth is in the ever-transforming wine.

Chameleon winemaker, 

unauthorized different Truth

Do you hear the music begin 

its haunting tune?

Soul-transmuting inspiration

re-veined myth

Sometimes to push your limits,  

you have to push your very understanding of Infinity.

Abysmal wine, 

ever-changing Theory of Everything

Abstract art loves to re-emerge out of unknown destinations 

where no one has ever been before.

Disturbing worldview, 

untamable painting

Enter the silent exhibition 

with abysmal eyes.

Abstract art,  

not-yet-connected meaning