Dear Siren, dive deep down into my veins, 

touch something deeper beyond anything I’ve ever felt. 

Not-yet-discovered fragment of you, 

provoking future conjunction

Great creators extract Infinity 

out of the horizon.

Provoking new paradigm, 

existential Haute Couture

Fragment after fragment, 

translate your Soul into something extraordinary. 

More daring definitions of freedom

new meaning of the Orphic Egg

Creation is primordial self-translation.

Art is a limited-edition horizon.

Alchemical eyes, 

existential re-perfection

To become a great artist, 

turn your Soul into a work of art.

Turquoise door, 

red stairs

Infinity loves re-perfected versions of itself: 

ever-evolving, ever-transforming, ever-abysmal… 

Hypnotic concepts of existence, 

different roads to redemption

What we call ‘evolution’ maybe is our primordial obsession 

with transformation itself.

Fallen Angel, 

not-yet-tamed version of your future Self

Infinity loves insatiable re-transformation. 

Infinity loves an unstoppable quest for new combinations.

Not-yet-emerged fragments of existence, 

not-yet-reborn version of myself

Creators are born to be reborn  

under the fire of their own Alchemical Core.

In between the falling wings,

ever-evolving Theory of Everything

What I am telling you is just a fragment, 

but sometimes it’s just a fragment what it takes.

Fragmented liberation,

fragmented illumination

Infinity loves more daring concepts of you.

Infinity loves your abysmal reflection.

Not-yet-perceived concept, 

not-yet-visible starlight

Re-masterpiece this night, 

re-deepen your wine.

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

Great creators are masterpiece-obsessed transformers 

of reality.

New concepts of existence, 

different versions of Truth-design

Dare to get lost in the Plutonian Labyrinth, 

connect the unconnected.

Alchemical transformation, 

forbidden combination