Dear Siren, re-emerge into my existence through unknown unique concepts. 

I need to re-rediscover myself.

Abysmal wine,


A great artists is born to be reborn 

every night.

New inspiration, 

re-designed telescope

Fragment after fragment, enchant this moment 

to re-masterpiece Time.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging connection

To be a great inventor is to be a new version 

of tomorrow.

Not-yet-designed Truth,  

not-yet-existing intervention into reality

Who are you? Become an artist of existence, 

learn to turn this question into an expedition.

Not-yet-understood Soul, 

not-yet-perceived depth

Don’t be an artist. Dare to be an Artist.

To be a creator is to exist as an ever-expanding concept of oneself.

Falling Angel, 

abysmal re-construction

Who are you? 

You are an abysmal address.

Alchemical blood type, 

territorial Truth-design