Dear Siren, who am I? I travel this world

craving to translate my Soul.

Fallen Angel, 

re-masterpieced Theory of Everything

Fragment after fragment, 

we make sense of this Universe.

New meaning under construction, 

existential re-perfection 

Who are you?  It seems this question has the most fragmented answer

and the answer is ever-expanding…

Alchemical mirror, 

abysmal reflection

We exist as a stream of fragmented attention, 

our Soul moves as a conjunction.  

New fragments of existence, 

ever-combining re-construction

Your life with all its moments is a fragmented art. 

Your thinking with all its thoughts and ideas is a fragmented art. 

Not-yet-resurrected poetry,  

not-yet-seduced tomorrow

Fragment and fragment, we travel our existence. 

Fragment and fragment, we evolve.

New fragments of existence, 

re-perfected versions of tomorrow

Fragment and fragment, we create our cultures, civilizations, 

and reality at large.

Melting ideology, 

re-emerging new laboratory

You are a timeline on Planet Earth. 

Your Soul is a unique eternal Myth.

Incomprehensible territory, 

not-yet-tamed worldview

Do you have what it takes to discover yourself 

as a transcendent fragmented dimension?

No perfection,

only re-perfection

Infinity is not so much about endless continuity 

but emergence into existence. 

Melting Philosopher’s Stone

re-emerging Orphic Egg

To be a genius is not to be excellent  

but transcendent.

Not-yet-emerged concepts of existence, 

not-yet-connected meaning

The concept of self is a fragmented concept.

I is an art.

Chameleon mask, 

authentic reflection

The uniqueness of your life depends 

on the uniqueness of your fragments.

Re-perfected combination, 

re-designed transformation

What kind of fragments do you seek to add into your existence?  

Has your glass of wine ever reflected the Moon?

New fragments of existence, 

ever-expanding concept of you

Existence streams as a fragmented dimension 

through the flow of our fragmented attention.

Not-yet-perceived Labyrinth, 

not-yet-visible exhibition

Infinity loves enlightening Moments  

but not the theory of Time.

Hypnotic concepts of existence, 

deeply meaningful re-construction

Infinity loves different versions of Truths 

not a single version.

New meaning under construction, 

existential re-perfection 

Re-emerge into your existence 

through a more daring worldview.

Silent exhibition, 

abysmal eyes

Fragment after fragment, your Soul moves as a conjunction.  

Life is a art of combination.

More liberating concepts of existence, 

more daring quest for new combinations

The poetry of your life depends on the poetry

of your Time.

Transcendent re-construction, 

existential re-perfection

Seduce this moment 

to re-masterpiece Time.

Abysmal wine,  


Fragment after fragment, 

turn your Soul into a transcending work of art.

Unlike anyone else, 

unique theory of the Universe

Combine the fragments of your mind in such a way 

that you seduce yourself to live another day.

Not-yet-emerged new concepts of existence, 

not-yet-existing version of redemption

At the gates of eternity 

you are a transcending masterpiece.

Melting combination, 

re-emerging transformation

A Soul is valued by uniqueness

yet measured by depth.

New meaning under construction, 

existential re-perfection