Dear Existence, could it be true 

that I am falling into Infinity with you. 

Abysmal re-construction, 

existential re-perfection

Fragment after fragment, 

Infinity loves the Moment not Time.

Merlin Margins, 

re-perfected conjunctions

Infinity is unreachable, yet it hypnotizes you  

to keep on searching for something undefined, yet, of the essence.

New fragments of existence, 

abysmal exhibition

A Dragon soaring deep down into Infinity may appear

as a falling Angel.

Re-invented fallen wings,

re-masterpieced resurrection

The concept of Infinity will never be fully captured, never fully explained, 

never tamed, and never the same way re-captured.

Insatiable transformation, 

unstoppable quest for new combinations

Soul is always ‘to be continued’. 

Ad continuum. Ad infinitum. 

Abysmal wine, 

primordial howl

True creators have desperate obsession to walk on Infinity, 

that’s why they will create anything to step on eternity.

More liberating concepts of creation,

more daring re-construction of Hell into Paradise

You can fall into the Abyss as a falling Angel, 

yet, you soar out of the Abyss only as a Dragon.

New type of courage, 

re-perfected Black Swan

Once you start reaching your very Core, your true essence, your perfection, 

you turn into an Abyss, dark gravity yourself in search of infinite re-perfection.

Re-emerging prima materia,

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

A human is a fallen Alchemist 

who forgot once being a falling Angel.

In between the falling wings,  

something wild, unexplained, and never-to-be-tamed.