Dear Siren, stop this fragment, 

this moment is under incomprehensible blossom.

Re-emerging Infinity

ever-transforming blossom of eternity

Fragment after fragment, 

your meaning is always under construction.

Not-yet-exorcised vineyard

barefoot on the edge of meaning

Legends never follow the mainstream flow. 

Legends are born to be reborn against the flow.

Banned creator,  

new concept of Paradise

Some Souls will sing a song 

once existing as a daring art of distinction. Unlike anyone else.

You after Time, 

maybe a limited-edition worldview

I is an art

to exist as the most exotic and enchanted version of yourself.  

Abstract art, 

unexplained prima materia

Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night; 

a new meaning is under construction.

Ancient Godly Labyrinth, 

different versions of Infinity