Dear Siren, look into the dark, abysmal pupils of my eyes: 

the darkest Truth is shining brightly.

Hardcore conjunction,

new form of resurrection

Fragment after fragment, discover the Alchemical version of yourself 

through the melting definition of Infinity.

Ancient Godly Dragon, 

Wine-reborn bloodline of eternal resurrection

The Alchemical path to your very Core is only for the ones  

who dare to step on their own Edge.

Not-yet-expanded definition of freedom, 

not-yet-liberated your own myth

Is your mirror your predator? 

Is your mirror your prey? 

Multi-truth eyes, 

future blossom

Infinity is continuous 

through re-emergence.

Not-yet-discovered concepts, 

not-yet-visible stairs

Once upon a time there lived some Truth 

that was overthrown by other Truths.

Transcendent re-construction,

existential re-perfection

All you have is the moment of Now, 

the Alchemical fragment of the Eternal Return.

New fragments of existence, 

primordial road signs

The Theory of Everything is a hypnotic one. 

The Theory of Everything is an unpredictable Black Swan.

No perfection,

only re-perfection

Infinity loves self-contradicting Truths. 

Infinity loves not-yet-understood conjunctions.

Turquoise door,

red blossom

It takes courage to enter new provoking paradigms.  

Unlike anything else. 

Re-enchanted genius, 

re-veined concepts of the future

Some concepts transform. 

Some concepts turn you into a wild waterfall.

New meaning under construction, 

existential re-perfection 

Enjoy the wine, don’t spill the night,

and discover something one-of-a-kind.

Hypnotic fragments of existence, 

perfumed Time