Dear Siren, I need to repeat ‘I need’. I desire to repeat ‘I desire’. 

Some look for the deep character in their wine, and I look for its abyss…

Unique imperfection, 

Alchemical element of re-perfection

Re-question your beliefs, 

re-rain your territory.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging conjunction

Fragment and fragment, turn your existential fragments 

into an art of existence. 

Unexpected work of art, 

more daring conjunction

A Soul is valued by uniqueness

yet measured by depth.

Hypnotic Truths of existence,

Plutonian bloodline

Best wines don’t like boundaries. Once you catch one flavor, 

you start discovering the new ones. Not able to catch one single Truth. Abysmal.

Deeper and deeper questions, 

not-yet-transmuted Truth

The wine gets to know itself 

through the ever-abysmal You.

Unauthorized blossom,

provoking worldview 

The vineyards where poets live 

produce Alchemical wine.

Re-rained territory, 

spiritual re-perfection

Seduce this Moment 

to escape Time.

Desire-evolving imagination, 

resurrected stairs

Maybe Infinity blossoms 

through our Souls.

Alchemical blood type, 

abysmal address