Dear Siren, seduce me into existence. To get out of my depression,

I need to find something of overpowering seduction.

If you want to be interesting for your own God, 

you must have something that your God does not know about.

Falling Angel, 

abysmal concept of You

Once upon a time, in a fragmented paradigm,

the Siren tried to seduce the Artist with her deep hypnotic wine.

Existential re-perfection

today a completely different version

Dear Siren, dive deeper and deeper into my Soul

to measure my depth.

Not-yet-understood philosophy,

not-yet-reached depth 

This Philosophy contains scenes of fragmented nature 

that some readers may find existentially disturbing.

Silent artist,

unauthorized different Truth

Do not block the philosophical Entrance 

and especially your existential Emergency EXIT.

Canceled dogma,

not-enough-perfected enlightenment

Fragment and fragment, up and down the Alchemical stairways 

to find yourself as an artist and as a transcending work of art.

New concepts of existence, 

different versions of Truth-design

Nevertheless, this is not the season for falling Angels.


Melting art scene, 

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Dear Siren, how to become the most hypnotic artist of all? 

Create me a hypnotic Talisman to enchant the world.

Not-yet-understood story of yourself, 

not-yet-discovered art scene

The Universe is perfect 

until you open your eyes of re-perfection. 

In between the falling wings,

Alchemical blood type

A great creator is a unique intervention 

into reality.

New concepts of creation, 

re-perfected Black Swan

Once you create something that didn’t exist before, 

reality expands.

Re-enchanted future, 

perfumed tomorrow

Infinity loves re-invention.

Infinity loves re-perfection.

Not-yet-perceived fragmentism

not-yet-empowered re-construction

Fragment after fragment, life is an art of combination. 

Your Soul moves as a conjunction. 


Melting intersection, 

re-emerging new connection

The uniqueness of your life depends 

on the uniqueness of your fragments.

Re-perfected combination, 

re-designed transformation

Fragment after fragment, 

re-masterpiece your Time. 

No perfection, 

only re-perfection

The Dragon may soar infinitely into the Abyss, 

yet, only the Siren senses its depth.

Infinite concept, 

your Alchemical mirror

To be a creator is to be a melting combination. 

To be a great creator is to be a unique conjunction. 

Re-born concepts of you, 

Hic Sunt Dracones

Can you become an Alchemist of new paradigms 

who turns Hell into a hypnotic Paradise?

Re-questioning creator,

provoking worldview

To be a great Artist is to be a great Alchemist. 

Great creators transmute eternity itself.

Not-yet-perceived concepts, 

not-yet-existing genesis

Do you have what it takes  

to find an Alchemical version of your blood? 

Ever-evolving re-perfection

at the edge of the Theory of Everything

Fragment after fragment,

re-masterpiece the button NEXT.

More liberating Gods, 

more daring concepts of yourself

Great creators are a melting definition 

of Infinity itself. 

Chameleon re-construction, 

primordial redemption

There is no absolute perfection 

only continuous re-perfection. 

Infinity under your skin, 

perfume of fallen wings

Great artists are born 

to be reborn every night.

Melting art scene, 

re-emerging prima materia

Infinity is continuous 

through re-emergence.

Melting intersection, 

re-emerging new connection

Life is all about courage 

to translate your Soul.

Chameleon fairytale

authentic story of me

A story of yourself is a story of existing concepts. 

A new story of yourself is a story of new concepts.

New concepts of existence

Chameleon re-construction

Discover new concepts 

to re-discover yourself.

Undomesticated explanation, 

ideology evacuation

Re-predator your Truth, 

re-perfect your Truth-lipstick.

New fragments of existence, 

ever-expanding theory

By encountering new knowledge, 

you encounter your transcending Self. Fragment after fragment.

More liberating mirror, 

more daring concepts of you

Fragment after fragment,

your Soul moves as a conjunction. 

Not-yet-perceived concept, 

not-yet-visible falling Angel

To be a great creator is to be a great Alchemist. 

Unlike anyone else.

Re-perfected combination, 

re-designed transformation

Do you have what it takes to turn your veins 

into the Dragon blood?

Not-yet-designed Truth, 

not-yet-existing Truth-satellite

Humans are existential transformers.  

Existence is an Alchemical experience.

In between the falling wings, 

abysmal address

Fragment after fragment, 

life is an art of combination.

Existential re-perfection, 

your Soul as a conjunction

What fragments do you seek 

to add into your existence?

Not-yet-asked question,

not-yet-visible direction

Re-question your Truths, 

re-deepen your wine.

More liberating concepts of existence, 

more daring stairs

To be a creator is to search for existential redemption 

through abysmal resurrection.

Ever-transforming philosophy, 

ever-combining laboratory

Become an existential trailblazer, 

discover more daring concepts of yourself.

Plutonian Labyrinth, 

abysmal veins

Re-masterpiece your worldview 

to see not-yet-understood conjunctions.

Ever-expanding exhibition, 

limited-edition Truths